Best New Adult Books: On the Floor, Fall with Me, Dare to Resist

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On The Floor by Jennifer LaCross


Favorite Quote

“And I think that’s the truth of love. To keep it, you have to remember the reasons you fell in the first place and find new reasons to fall.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: New Adult
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—Second Story

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Adrian Says:
Fun, light and super sexy story of a Rachael and Jake. They shared a sexy dance together one night and Rachael was sure that Jake was the man of her dreams. Soon after they meet again, when Jake shows up as the other RA in Rachael’s dorm. Because they live across the hall from each other in the dorms and share RA responsibilities, they decide to be friends. That lasts a few weeks until one drunken night Jake declares his feelings for Rachael. Mayhem ensues… miscommunications and misunderstandings keep them apart, then together, then apart again.

This is your typical college romance. They both have baggage but nothing too crazy. The drama and the angst is there but not OTT. Racheal’s BFF Jenna is great, she could totally be my BFF. Jake’s band mates are hot and it looks like we’ll get more of them soon. The sex is off the charts!! Totally hot. This is a great book if you’re looking for something easy, flirty and sexy.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.[/box_light]


Fall with Me by Julie Particka


+ Favorite Quotes

I wasn’t a damsel in distress. I used to br the girl who strapped on armor, stole a horse, and stormed the damn castle herself.

Fuck. Have sex. Make love. I didn’t care as long as it meant Sutton inside me.

Heat Rating: Fire
Genre: Modern Romance, New Adult
Series: Standalone

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Adrian Says:
Flirty and entertaining, Fall with Me is a great, easy read. As she is about to graduate from college and start her life, Jenna is dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years, Adam, for her best friend, Lacey. She goes home to lick her wounds and decide what to do next and comes face to face with her high school crush, who just happens to be her ex-Bff’s brother. Together they set out to breakup Adam and Lacey, and at the same time see what could happen between them.

I loved the banter between Jenna and Sutton. It was obvious to everyone that they were made for each other. There was a lot mentioned about Sutton’s womanizing past, but it wasn’t really a developed storyline within the book. They had some serious sexual chemistry and I loved the way they teased each other. It was really sweet. Adam was the perfect douche bag villain that you’ll love to hate. A serious tool. The ending felt a bit rushed but overall this was a sweet, sexy, easy read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.[/box_light]

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Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye


+ Favorite Quotes

The thought of another man — any other man— roughing her up, holding her down, or fucking her until her legs could no longer bear her weight made him want to smash something with his bare hands. Repeatedly.

“Everything okay?” he asked. The emergence of sweet Colton brought the sting of tears to the backs of her eyes. Here he was, taking care of her in yet another way. “Everything’s perfect,” she said. A small tender smile played around his lips for moment, then it dropped and his eyes went molten. “Good, then bend over the damn bed.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Modern Romance
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—Wedding Dare

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Wedding Dare Special Novella Series

  • Dare to Resist — Laura Kaye
  • Baiting the Maid of Honor — Tessa Bailey
  • Falling for the Groomsman — Diane Alberts
  • Seducing the Bridesmaid — Katee Robert
  • Best Man with Benefits — Samanthe Beck

Nelle Says:
This novella kicks off the Wedding Dare continuity series, where we meet the host couple of a destination wedding. Laura Kaye can pack a full sized story into a tasty little bite. Colton and Kady have blistering hot chemistry and it’s detailed in a way to get your #ShamWowPanties rockin’. This novella is the perfect cure to a book hangover! Highly recommend.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.[/box_light]

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