Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

Sometimes a girl just needs a good paranormal story! This series hits all the high points and features some of my favorite tropes: accidental turning, kidnapping, and May/December fated mates. Also, Peter comes of age and gets to turn the heat all the way up with his mate, Damon. The dramatic power struggles and undercover scheming had me on the edge of my seat during the climax of the book.


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if a sex god and Davy Crockett had gotten together and had a lovechild, Damon would be it – and Peter was completely down for it.

“Tonight has nothing to do with them,” Peter said, taking one of Damon’s hands in his own. “It’s just you and me, and I’m asking you to take me for your own.”

They can vote for a new head alpha, I don’t care. Nothing is as important to me as you. I belong wherever you are.”

From The Publisher


In Peter’s eyes, Damon Prince was a lot of things.

1. A fierce, dangerously capable alpha.

2. An annoyingly (endearingly) protective asshat.

3. The sexiest man on the planet.

(He was a pretty good kisser too.)

Damon would argue that Peter ought to add big, bad wolf to the list. Emphasis on the bad part.

Damon had never made to hide the fact that he was the villain in the strange, supernatural turn Peter’s life had taken since being bitten. He had shoved that little tidbit down Peter’s throat even. (Peter wished the man would consider shoving other things down his throat – things that weren’t “little” in the slightest.)

He took every opportunity to remind Peter of his violent past, to hammer it through his skull that he wasn’t a good guy. That there was blood on his hands.

But the thing of it was, Peter had never truly believed him. (How could he when those supposedly blood-stained hands were always so gentle with him?)

Peter had long ago come to the conclusion that Damon wasn’t nearly as big and bad as the man wanted him to think.

…until suddenly, he was.

Big Bad is the second book in the Big Bad Wolves series, and the sequel to Little Red. It is highly recommended you read the books in order.

Please note the trigger warnings in the front matter.

ASIN: B0831RH66V

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