Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor

If you have a Disney princess fantasy of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, this is the read for you! Isabella Starling writes a sexy take following Belle, who was taken from her family because they owed a debt to Dominic Blackwood, the beast. He spends his days luring her in. Enticing her. Seducing her. But will she cave? Will she love the beast in the end? All in all, a delicious read and I'm looking forward to the next by Isabella Starling!! ~ Theresa [January 2018]


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This is no fairytale. This is your worst nightmare.
And I am the beast that will break you.

My past is broken. Shattered. Everyone I ever loved, gone.
I will never let myself love anyone again.

Not until her... Belle Dalton, the daughter of a man who owes me more than he could ever pay.
She shocks me by volunteering to take the fall for her family. Come home with me, and submit to my every whim and desire.

Belle is scared, and she should be. I'm not a nice man, and I'm not going to be kind.
She is too hard to resist. A sweet little virgin I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

Belle can run, but she can't hide from the monster inside me.
But maybe, just maybe, she can learn to love a beast...

Dangerous, filthy-mouthed alpha with twisted intentions and a heart of gold? Coming right up. A sweet little virgin just for him? You know it. This instalove novella will make you shiver. It's a little bit dark, a whole lotta dirty, and has a sprinkle of magic that will make you fall in love as the Beast falls for the Beauty. Quick, smutty and delicious - HEA guaranteed, NO cliffhanger, NO cheating and a standalone story. It's all you wished for this holiday season.

ASIN: B077W5B2P8

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