Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

Lexi C. Foss is an absolute Goddess among mortals, and her stories will suck you in, drag you through the wringer, and spit you out on the other side, forever changed, with more darkness in your soul, but actually feeling happy about it! Chastely Bitten is darker than her Immortal Curse series, but it’s completely addictive. Darius and Juliet’s story is a super-hot, intoxicating roller coaster ride that you won’t want to end. Read it today!!!


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He kissed me hard, his shaft continuing to slide through my damp folds with sharper thrusts. My clit throbbed from the abuse of his bulbous head, but I no longer flinched. No. I was starting to feel hot again.

His tongue… I didn’t know they could move this way. Darius flattened and curled it, right where I desired him most. My legs trembled beneath his assault as my veins heated with some exuberant fluid.

His palms traced my sides, his lower body still as my walls shuddered around his harsh intrusion. I barely registered my stinging nipple or the way his tongue traced the rivulets of blood trickling down my breast.

From The Publisher


Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret.
This is no longer that time.


It is my duty to obey, to give my body and blood to a vampire master until he no longer has use for me.

There is no escape.
Nowhere to run.
Follow the rules or die.
I don't want to die.


Twenty-two years of conditioning has crafted the perfect poison--a weapon my enemies won't see coming. I'll break her, train her, and use her to take down everyone who stands in my way.

She's alluring.
She's perfect.
And she's mine.

Welcome to the future where the superior bloodlines make the rules.
Proceed at your own risk.


"Darius," I breathed as darkness dimmed the stars. Some part of me knew we were heading down a dangerous path. I struggled to emerge enough to warn him, to beg him...

"D..." My mouth felt dryer than it should. Heavy. I tried to lick my lips but couldn't move my tongue.

Everything felt so much cooler than moments ago.

Midnight consumed my vision as I blinked into a starless night.

So alone.
I always expected to die...
I never expected to want to live.

Until today.
Until Darius inspired hope.
Another cruel Vampire joke.

I should have known...


ISBN: 1732535647

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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