Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

Reading historical romance is normally not my thing, but because I love Annabel Joseph and her dirty mind, I had to read Disciplining the Duchess. I won't lie - it took me a few chapters to get used to the language and formality of speech. But once I got into the story and got everyone straight, I fell in love with this couple and rooted for them to make it. Knowing Annabel Joseph is somewhat of a sadist, I didn't feel like I could anticipate how the story would twist and turn, and thankfully, it twisted in unexpected ways. [February 2013]


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Over five seasons, Miss Harmony Barrett has managed to repel every gentleman of consequence and engineer a debacle at Almack’s so horrifying that her waltzing privileges are revoked. If she’s not in the library reading about Mongol hordes, she’s embarrassing her family or getting involved in impulsive scrapes.

Enter the Duke of Courtland, a man known for his love of duty and decorum. Through a vexing series of events, he finds himself shackled to Miss Barrett in matrimony. But all is not lost. The duke harbors a not-so-secret affinity for spanking and discipline…and his new wife is ever in need of it. Will the mismatched couple find their way to marital happiness? Or will the duke be forever Disciplining the Duchess?
This 85K word erotic romance novel contains domestic discipline themes and both harsh and loving spanking scenes.


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