Elemental Fae Academy by Lexi C. Foss and J. R. Thorn


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Magic, hot Fae men, intrigue, mysterious happenings, and a world that will draw you in with its intricate detail and wonder - these are the things you will get in this book. Exos, Titus and Vox are all super hot, and captivating, each in their own way. Watching Claire explore her new world is enticing, and watching her explore her feelings for her men is as heart warming as it is combustible! One of the things I love most about Lexi's books is the way her worlds draw me in, and this one is no exception. One warning, if you like a story to be complete before you read it, this one is not. Book two is out on September 24th, and hopefully book 3 will be out soon after that. So either grab this one today, or wait until the series is complete. You won't be sorry!

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Publisher Synposis

My one piece of advice: Never kiss a stranger.

See, I kind of kissed this sexy man at the bar on a dare once, and it turns out he’s a Royal Fae destined to be my mate. Now I’ve been dragged to the Elemental Fae Academy to control the powers I unlocked that night.

So kissing? Yeah, that won’t happen again. Nope.

Lesson learned.

Except, I kind of kissed Titus, too. And well, now, I’m in a world of trouble. I keep burning things down, flooding dorms, and I’ve attracted the campus mean girl brigade.

This Fae Realm is a nightmare come to life. Truly.

But there are dreams here, too.

Sexy ones.

And they’re in the form of five Elemental Fae mentors. They’re supposed to help me control my powers, but who’s going to keep the elements from controlling me?

Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance, and book one of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy.


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"Try not to light the room on fire, sweetheart." "No promises," I mouthed, the embers already coiling in my stomach. The erection seated firmly between my thighs didn't help, nor did the way his chest burned mine as he tugged me closer, his arm a brand around my lower back.

Euphoria mingled with excitement, stirring a catastrophic force inside me that begged to be released. He caught my clit between his teeth, nibbling just hard enough to send a jolt through my limbs and force my gaze to his.

Titus froze as my power rolled over him, eating through his pants in a thorough sweep and incinerating the fabric to ash. His boxers disintegrated with it, revealing his gorgeous cock. His eyes narrowed. "Claire..." "What?" I asked innocently, my flames dancing across his silky skin to form a grip around the base. He nearly dropped the bowl as I stroked upward with my mind. "Fuck."

Book Two will be out on September 24, 2019.

Jean Bachen

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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