Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

Every time I read a book by Tracie Delaney, I like it better than the last one! Garen is one of her most interesting heroes to date. I went from wanting to punch him in the nuts, to being curious about him, to wanting to keep him for myself. And I love Catriona's wit, strength, and love for her family. Watching the two of them progress from enemies to lovers was an engrossing story that I couldn't put down. You can read this one as a standalone, or you can read the ROGUES series in order to meet the other characters. They are all a lot of fun!!!


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As he settled between my legs again, I wrapped my ankles around his hips, dug my heels into his ass, and drove him into me in one swift move.

I climbed on to the bed and straddled her hips. My dick bobbed, and I wrapped a hand around the base and tugged, once. A groan fell from my lips. "What do you taste like?" she whispered, her green irises sparkling as she focused on the pre-cum oozing from my slit.

A swell began in my abdomen, peaked, and then I was coming, crying out in ecstasy, any embarrassment chased away by the force of my climax. "Fuck me, that's hot," Garen uttered, and then cum spurted from his cock, all over my pussy where it mingled with evidence of my own arousal.

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If I wrote an autobiography of my life right now, I’d call it “Blackmailed by the Billionaire”.

Ruthless, callous, and self-serving are the nicest words to describe the powerful CEO who wants what’s mine.

He’ll use any method at his disposal to emerge victorious—including coercion.

Okay, fine, I’ll concede defeat, but as his interest pivots I spot the opportunity for payback.

And hell, I’m gonna take it.

If you like your romances full of angst, heat, and fast-serve banter, then you’ll love Entrapped, the third book in a brand-new six part billionaire romance series from International Bestselling Author Tracie Delaney.

One-click this enemies to lovers romance today.


ISBN: 979-8675036134

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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