Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor


Tessa Bailey's trademark dirty talk levels-up in this suspenseful standalone. Will is all too willing to indulge Teresa's kinks and punches a ticket to the dirty talker hall of fame! ~ Nelle [October 2017]
When you tell the author that she may have written a hero that surpasses the other 2 dirty-talking heroes you’ve loved from her, you tell everyone you can to 1-click the story. In fact, I probably could have just used the 50+ quotes I highlighted as my review and it would be a better selling point than these few sentences. Tessa has a magical brain that never ceases to amaze me. The whole premise of the story and the initial meet between Will and Teresa was so original, too. I found myself immersed in the road trip, falling in love with Will and his dog, and praying it all worked out in the end. Throw in a little suspense at the end and this book was amazing.


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He wants her soul. Too bad she already sold it.

Family is everything to gambling den darling, Teresa Valentini. Blood comes first, especially before men. So when her brother lands himself in hot water, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to save him. And showing up topless in her unwitting savior’s motel room is turning out to be the furthest thing from a hardship…

Will Caruso is the bad boy of New York’s financial scene…and he just found out the very thing that drives his success is a damn lie. Now, he’s exchanged his high-stress life for the open road, no one but his Great Dane…and half a million Instagram followers to keep him company. When a mysterious beauty arrives, her secrecy prods his suspicions, even while she tempts his lust to the breaking point.

Teresa met Will under false pretenses, but the bond consuming them is real. They’re strong enough to overcome a little betrayal…aren’t they?

ASIN: B076Z3T99Y

ISBN: 1977905609

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