Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

This is the time of year that I want sweet, comfortable stories, And with this story I wanted to be in this world! I am a sucker for the strong, silent, slightly anti social heroes and Owen fits the bill, And watching Cole land in his world and turn it upside down is so satisfying. The story is solid and entertaining and the sex is explosive!


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“It was a damn good thing he was hotter than the sun itself because there'd be no surviving his chaos otherwise.”

“I didn’t know it when I set out on his summer journey, but I needed this. Not a fling not a rough hookup, but Owen. I needed him to dirty me up, take me apart.”

“Eventually, there'd be a time when we led with curiosity rather than assumptions about sexual identity, race, faith, ability…all of it.”

From The Publisher


Take a vacation, they said. Get away from Silicon Valley's back-stabbing and power-grabbing. Recharge the innovative batteries. Unwind, then come back stronger than ever. Instead, I got lost at sea and fell in love with an anti-social lobsterman. There's one small issue: Owen Bartlett doesn't know who I am. Who I really am. ~~ I don't like people. I avoid small talk and socializing, and I kick my companions out of bed before the sun rises. No strings, no promises, no problems. Until Cole McClish's boat drifts into Talbott's Cove, and I bend all my rules for the sexy sailor. I don't know Cole's story or what he's running from, but one thing is certain: I'm not letting him run away from me.


ISBN: 978-1985603479

I am a Puppet for The Man and a serious smut reader! I cut my teeth on mass market romance lines when I was a teen and now I have graduated to the good stuff. I am happiest spending time with my husband and my two dogs. Normally you will find me combing the virtual bookshelves for the best of Gay Romance, but I'll never say no to a good story no matter who it features. I can't wait to share my favorites with all of you!

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