Recommended By Angela

Recommended By Angela

Poppy and Finn want a fresh start and end up in a town that offers them a little bit of magic and a whole lot of obscurity. H.P. Mallory & J.R. Rain created such a fun little world that showcases the bond of a mother and son while creating mystery and suspense. There is very little romance in this. You will see sparks between Poppy and a few of the characters, like Roy and Marty, but she is honesty not ready yet to pursue anything and wants to take it very slow. This was really a fun little book, filled with witches, potions and eccentric characters!


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I considered him for a few seconds. The boyish exterior hid an exceptionally perceptive and compassionate man. And as he turned to smile at me, I couldn’t help the butterflies that suddenly swarmed my stomach. Just as quickly, though, I opened the window and released them. I had no business feeling silly butterflies with someone who seemed like he’d be a great friend. Even if that was all we were destined to be, I was still a lucky woman. In so many ways, friends were even better than romantic relationships. They definitely lasted longer.

I’d need to take a wait and see approach where Marty was concerned. Where every man was concerned. This time I was going to be very careful about the people I kept in my inner circle—dating or otherwise. This time, I was going to guard my heart and I’d only let those people in who deserved it.

“So, what do you say about the two of us going on an adventure regarding why we find each other so… interesting?”

Heat prickled across my skin, and I had to drop my eyes to my lap. The intensity of his stare was scorching. He had to be a player. There was no way a man who looked like this and had this sort of… confidence didn’t have a woman warming his bed every night. And I wasn’t about to be added to the list.

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Paranormal Women’s Fiction from #1 Amazon Bestselling author, J.R. Rain, and New York Times Bestselling author, H.P. Mallory! First in their brand-new, magical midlife series!

Welcome to Haven Hollow, a town of monsters…

After dating a string of losers and banishing a poltergeist, I packed up my Los Angeles life and my eleven-year-old son, and moved… to a town in Oregon with a population of 680. Well, 682 now.

Culture shock anyone? Ahem, never mind that… New starts can happen anywhere, right?

I hope so because I need to start the next chapter of my forty-three year life pronto. So, why Haven Hollow? For one reason—there aren’t any witches here. And a witch can make a gypsy’s life… complicated.

Oh, right, I’ve put the cart before the horse…

Hi, I’m Poppy Morton and I come from a long line of Scottish gypsies—gypsies who possess magic and make potions to treat any and all ailments. It’s been my dream to open my own potions store and I’m finally going to do it—in the picturesque and small town of Haven Hollow.

Once my son, Finn, and I get settled in our two-story ramshackle, decrepit and rickety farmhouse (that happens to be bordering a cemetery), the nightmares start. And they won’t stop. Almost every night, I find myself face to face with a shadow monster—and its victim. And I’m fairly sure it’s the victim sending me the night terrors, wanting me to figure out the mystery of who or what murdered him.

But, I’m not really sure I want to get involved. Between facing a huge remodel of the above mentioned “house,” getting my son situated in his new school, opening my potions store and dealing with one of the ghosts from my last house who somehow thumbed a ride to this one, I’ve got my hands full. Actually, more than full.

Good thing I’ve got a few handsome neighbors to call on—Marty Zach, a self-professed ghost exorcist who just happens to have the sexiest smile, and Roy Osbourne, a bear of a man who looks like he alone coined the word ‘lumberjack.’

While I’m taken by Marty’s charm and Roy’s really-really-really broad shoulders, I can’t help but feel like this whole town is hiding a secret… and that’s the mystery I mostly want to solve, ghost visions be damned.


I read. I create. I get in trouble. That is me in a nutshell. I live in a snarky, artistic, eclectic world where BDSM and Dark Erotica are high on my reading list. I yearn for a really raw, gritty book where the lead guy/girl is more like a villain and I am left completely mindf*cked. The more the usual lines of morality are blurred, the better. I am an Alice in Wonderland Freak, an Edgar Allan Poe lover and an ocean addicted mermaid. I like originality when it comes to my books. The dirtier, the better. I am here to Discover, Share and Obsess. Join me, will you?

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