Recommended By Angela

Recommended By Angela

What a hot book! Rea meets Adler at a sex expo randomly and has no idea the door she is about to open! The whole book is him introducing her to the world of BDSM and fun filled kink and it is amazing! She discovers desires she had NO idea existed and finds something deep inside herself that yearns for fulfillment. Off the charts sex scenes filled with crops, butt plugs and so much more! If you love some kink in your books, this is a must read!


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At first I look away, embarrassed to be staring. But why the hell shouldn't I? As he climbs into the water, I feast my eyes on it. I used to think cocks were ugly, but his is like a work of art, a marble sculpture. I imagine it inside me, in my mouth, and I'm dizzy with desire for him.

When he kisses me hard, my mouth opens to him instinctively, and at the first touch of his tongue against mine, my pussy begins to throb. This shouldn't feel so good.

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"You need a man whose breath in your ear is enough to make you yield all control.”


There’s a whole bunch of things I need right now—to feel at home in this big, lonely city, to stop working my ass off, to find myself a regular boyfriend. One thing I sure as hell don’t need is Adler Montgomery crashing into my world and telling me what I need.

C@ck-sure, tattooed, moneyed, too sexy for his own good. Not my type—at all. And yet…

When his hand tightens in my hair, suddenly, all I need is him.

He opens my eyes to a whole new world, possesses me in every possible way, sets me on fire with his sweet, filthy words. And then he pushes me away. I know I should run, keep my heart safe, but I’m his and he knows that.

I’m way out of my depth.


She thought I was giving her a line. And that’s probably for the best, because the truth is dangerous. No-one’s eyes have ever looked so vulnerable, made me want to break all my rules. They make me chase her when I know I shouldn’t. They make me cruel; they make me soft. But more than that, they make me feel. And I don’t like that.

She’s crazy smart, beautiful, doesn’t take crap from anyone. Every man would be lucky to call Reagan Lockhart his. But I’m not every man, and there’s a reason why I don’t do relationships.

I tell myself she’s only a sub, that I’m helping her to discover her darkest, wildest desires. But the more she gives me of herself, the deeper I fall. And letting her in could mean ruin for both of us.

His to Have is a standalone, full-length novel, with a HEA. It’s very steamy, smart, fun, and more than a little dark. If you enjoy reading about secret dark rooms, sexy, dominant men, and sassy women who make them break all the rules, this is the book for you!


I read. I create. I get in trouble. That is me in a nutshell. I live in a snarky, artistic, eclectic world where BDSM and Dark Erotica are high on my reading list. I yearn for a really raw, gritty book where the lead guy/girl is more like a villain and I am left completely mindf*cked. The more the usual lines of morality are blurred, the better. I am an Alice in Wonderland Freak, an Edgar Allan Poe lover and an ocean addicted mermaid. I like originality when it comes to my books. The dirtier, the better. I am here to Discover, Share and Obsess. Join me, will you?

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