Recommended By Angela

Recommended By Angela

Shaw and Aleice’s short story is smoking hot 🔥🔥🔥 and full of some very spicy moments! The age gap isn’t terrible and I actually really loved how domineering he was because of his background and maturity. I don’t blame her for following head over feet for him after their not so great past. I’d love to be stuck in a house with that man… damn! There’s some suspenseful moments interlaced so you’ll be intrigued AND turned on!


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His tongue slides out as he licks across his top lip before drifting over the bottom one. He stares are me while he does it, like he’s savoring my flavor on them. Without conscious thought, I do the same to see if I can taste him. I taste a hint of coffee and mint. I lick them again for more before biting my lip to hold in my moan.

His full soft lips that he keeps licking so much they are turning pink. His eyes raking over my body like I’m a gallon of water in the desert.

“That’s it, such a good fucking girl, give daddy want he needs. Watching you walk around my house in my clothes. Those sexy legs I can’t stop picturing wrapped around my face.”

From The Publisher


The Mountain has always been my safe place, until it wasn't.

It was the place I went to escape from my mundane 9-5 desk job. My secret spot that allowed me to finally take a deep breath and clear my head.

It's where I escaped the darkness that always follows me.

I never thought it would all come crashing down around me.

Trapped with nowhere to go, I am forced to depend on the one man I promised myself I would never even speak to again, none-the-less depend on.

**In too Deep is a novella with enemies to lovers, forced proximity, CEO/boss, age gap, and daddy kink tropes. This book has a HEA. It is recommended for 18+ due to language, sexual situations and violence. If you like spice this book is for you. Happy reading.**


I read. I create. I get in trouble. That is me in a nutshell. I live in a snarky, artistic, eclectic world where BDSM and Dark Erotica are high on my reading list. I yearn for a really raw, gritty book where the lead guy/girl is more like a villain and I am left completely mindf*cked. The more the usual lines of morality are blurred, the better. I am an Alice in Wonderland Freak, an Edgar Allan Poe lover and an ocean addicted mermaid. I like originality when it comes to my books. The dirtier, the better. I am here to Discover, Share and Obsess. Join me, will you?

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