Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

This book is like a vacation on your Kindle! The beautiful countryside of Portugal is a backdrop for this sexy, second chance at love story. Childhood sweethearts, David and Joel, are reunited after losing their parents. Their reunion is sweet, warm and intoxicating and after a slow build up the lovemaking is explosive. I finished this feeling like I had finally gone on the exotic vacation I have been waiting for.


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Your eyes looked like they could taste me from afar

Some of us can't afford to be out as gay, play house, and live our happy lives as if it's all ok.

You are home. Now, here with me, you are home.

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At 10 years old Joel was uprooted from his home and everything he knew in Portugal to start a new life in the States. At 26 he finds himself returning for the first time in 13 years. So what if looking into the eyes of his childhood best friend again still makes his heart race out of his chest?

Living in sunny, laid-back Portugal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For David, dreams of being a pastry chef come second to working in his family’s cafΓ© where his renowned custard tarts draw in the crowds. Seeing Joel brings old feelings back. Feelings he’s not sure he’s brave enough to acknowledge to anyone other than himself.

With the inspiration of an old travel journal, the two friends embark on a real journey through memories in a country where looking back into the past runs as deep as the blood that courses through their veins.

Falling in love was never meant to be a stop along the way, but maybe inevitable when you have the adventurous spirit and courage to pursue what you want, make love under the stars and even figure out how to jumpstart an old Citroen 2CV in the middle of the Alentejo countryside.

Made In Portugal is Ana Newfolk's debut novel and is a standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger. Fair warning, there will be naked man parts touching, know-it-all grandparents, a red car, and pastry, lots of pastry.


ISBN: 978-1987578164/

I am a Puppet for The Man and a serious smut reader! I cut my teeth on mass market romance lines when I was a teen and now I have graduated to the good stuff. I am happiest spending time with my husband and my two dogs. Normally you will find me combing the virtual bookshelves for the best of Gay Romance, but I'll never say no to a good story no matter who it features. I can't wait to share my favorites with all of you!

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