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The second I finished this book, I sent a message to TJ. The following is the start of our conversation. Angie: "You are a cruel, sadistic wench. TEARS." TJ: "FUCK. YEAH. TEARS!!!! My job is done! I wanted tears!!!" Angie: "Not nice. I don't like you right now." After an admittedly slow buildup through the majority of Making Thyme, TJ closes out the trilogy's bridge book with one HELL of a tear-jerker. I loved the first book, Buying Thyme, and I'm positive I'll love the third and final book that's expected to come out soon. Like many trilogies, Making Thyme is a transitional book, allowing for the lead character to develop. And much like I did in the first book, I fell in love with her and want her to overcome all of the obstacles placed in her way. [October 2013]

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She may have left prostitution, but can Mia face the demons of her past? Now working for a different kind of Agency, with a new set of rules and a new life. There is so much to learn in so little time. The world of espionage is not too far from the secret life of prostitution that she’s trying to leave behind. Can she withstand the mental and physical training that’s involved in becoming a secret agent?

Agent Nick Davis is Mia’s mentor. He’s also all that she desires. He is everything she ever wanted in a man and he is the one person who understands and accepts her. She may have known him before but the more she learns about him now, the more she loves. Their love may grow stronger by the day but is it strong enough to survive her return to Tench?

Her quest to find the truth about Sally may continue to lead her further into the dark life of crime boss Joe Tench. While at the same time, his obsession for her is developing into something sinister. Can she discover what evil he is orchestrating in time before he discovers the truth about her?


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