Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

You ever wish a fictional place really existed? Well I wish Shipwreck and Sarcasm was real because I need to experience this kooky place in person. This book was ridiculously funny! A second chance, friends/enemies to lovers tale full of angst, vulnerability and conflict delivered in a deliciously sweet, endearing, dirty talking, hilarious little treat. I loved these characters, I loved their towns, I loved their families, I loved their animals and I loved their story!


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“When life kicks you in the balls…””I know. I know. Too bad for life, because you have a vagina of steel.”

“Are you thirteen or thirty?”...”Chronologically thirteen, but I feel a strong sisterly bond with women in their forties. They’re kick-ass, they know how to do everything, and they have zero fucks left to give.”

“Is baking like getting involved in BDSM? Because I don’t know much about the lifestyle, but I know I’m about to beat this cake mix until it begs for mercy.”

From The Publisher


He's a master baker with a big...cannoli.

They call me the sugar whisperer.

Anything your tongue desires, I can bake it. Scones? Child’s play. Cupcakes? I’ll frost them so good you won’t know what hit you. Donuts? Please.

You’re talking to a master baker.

But there’s one egg I’ve never been able to crack.

My best friend.

Correction: My former best friend.

She’s the apple in my pie. The whip in my cream. The lemon in my meringue. The wish in my bone.

She’s the one who got away.

After ten years in the military, she’s back. She’s bruised and battered by life, but she’s back.

Except she’s not my second chance. She’s gone to the dark side.

Running a rival bakery in a town not big enough for two.

So now I have to decide—which do I want more?

My bakery?

Or the woman I never should’ve let go of in the first place?

Master Baker is a deliciously fun friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a smooth-talking baker, the one who got away, and a goat with more matchmaking tendencies than a nosy old grandpa. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.


ISBN: 1940517575

I'm a mom of 2 rad AF adults, 1 fresh baby and a super cute fur babe. Hospital administration by day, yoga instructor by night, travel junkie, shoe addict, foodie and avid reader in all the spaces in-between. I got my love of books from my mama and honestly can’t remember a time in my life where reading wasn’t a daily priority. I’m a sappy hopeless romantic who’s a sucker for 2nd chances, mature characters, and serendipitous connections. In an ideal world, you can find me on the beach with an icy cold adult libation in one hand and my Kindle in the other.

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