Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

This retelling of the story of Cinderella is a captivating story with a sweet heroine who grows into herself, and a hot, arrogant, billionaire hero who grows on the reader. It's an introduction to a new world written by Lexi C. Foss and Cora Kenborn, and I cannot wait to get more of it. Kellen is a great addition to your book boyrfriend list, and Cyn is a very relatable heroine. It's a ton of fun to watch her grow from a doormat into a strong, independent woman. The supporting characters are a wonderful addition to the story, either leaving you loving to hate them, or wanting to know more about them. Grab this one today, and you won't be sorry!


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She licks her lips again, and I swear to fuck if they aren't wrapped around me soon, I'm going to lose my damn mind. Inching closer, she grasps my cock near the base, raising an eyebrow when her fingers barely wrap halfway around. I smirk, reaching down and guiding her other hand to the opposite side. "You're quite the handful, Mr. Knight."

The harder I pump my finger, the more she claws the bed, so I gently add a second one, and she starts moving her hips to match my rhythm. We're in such perfect sync that I move my attention to her clit, swirling my tongue and focusing on pushing her to the edge and then bringing her back. Over and over I do this until she's crying my name and begging for mercy.

My name falls from his lips, the sound a prayer against my mouth. Then he's kissing me again, devouring me with every stroke of his tongue as he finally gives me what I need in each harsh, beautiful thrust. Tears fill my eyes, the pleasure nearing on pain as he forces me to the edge, practically shoving me into blissful oblivion.

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A Cinderella Tale Spun in a New York City Reality

Lucynda Ellis: I’m not an actress, but I’ll play the part if it means saving my stepsister’s career. Put on the dress and the strappy shoes, wear a smile, and pretend to love the prince. Easy.Until the prince ends up being sin dressed in a suit.Kellen Knight unravels my world with a kiss that lights my soul on fire. It’s all meant for show, a televised embrace tucked away between the sheets, yet I can’t stop thinking about him or his hypnotic mouth.When I leave my precious sketchbook behind at the shoot, I’m left with no choice but to track him down to get it back. Except this prince lives in an untouchable, glass-coated tower and all he knows me by is a single name—Cyn.

Kellen Knight: My marketing team wants me to star in the advertising campaign for our newest product. Why? Because sex sells. So I’ll wear the suit, pretend to romance some actress, and kiss her at midnight.Only, that kiss? It blows my f*cking mind.Cyn’s maddening insults and quiet confidence get under my skin. I’m used to women falling at my feet, so when this blonde spitfire walks away after her lips knock me sideways, I’m more than intrigued. I’m determined.There’s only one problem: I don’t know her full name. Good thing I’m Kellen f*cking Knight. She can run, but she definitely can’t hide.

Authors’ Note: Midnight is a spicy little fairy tale with a few darker elements that help introduce the dark romance trilogy, Violet Queen. Lucynda Ellis might find her prince in this happily-ever-after tale, but it’s only the beginning for a much more sinister world featuring Avala Aldridge, Asher Vaughn, and Sterling Quinn.


ISBN: 1950694518

This book was released for kindle as part of Fractured Fairy Tales: A SaSS Anthology. (, and also as a standalone paperback (

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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