Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor

One of my most anticipated reads of 2016 was for sure Mischief and the Masters, and it did not disappoint! Cherise has always delivered beautiful love stories with flair and kink (#DominanceDoneRight). It was so easy to fall into the story and relate to the very real struggles of each of the main characters, even if their lives were so very different from each others' (and my own). The way that Cherise so skillfully brought Uzuri, Alastair, and Max to life made it impossible to not be invested in their each individual success and to root for their connection and relationship to work. The hotness level put the icing on the cake, and, on that note, I personally recommend reading this in places that allow one-handed reading. I sure did! As always, this is a MUST READ for the kink-loving readers out there who enjoy watching a submissive squirm as the dominant men in her life take her in hand. ~Lina [November 2016]


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Her life destroyed by a stalker, Uzuri Cheval starts anew in Tampa and joins the exclusive Shadowlands club. Unconvinced of her claims that she can overcome her fear of big men without help, Master Z gives her a time limit. And she is improving--until she hears the stalker is out of prison. Now her time limit is up, and the Masters will intervene, which is okay--as long as whoever helps her is short. Okay, sweet and gentle would be good, too.

But two Doms? Dangerously experienced and dauntingly powerful cousins? No way.

Having volunteered in every hellhole in the world, Dr. Alastair Drago is ready to settle down. Detective Max Drago has joined him and, once again, the cousins share everything. A house, lives, problems…and whatever submissive catches their interest. One mischievous submissive has definitely caught Alastair’s. However, having been burned by a woman, Max remains detached…until little mischief’s troubles turn deadly.

Mischief and the Masters is the latest book in the bestselling Masters of the Shadowlands series. If you enjoy edgy ménage and dominance spiced with humor and suspense, you’ll love Cherise Sinclair’s latest romance.


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