Recommended By Adrian

Recommended By Adrian

Nightfall is the finale in the Devil's Night series and I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for this book. For me, Will was always the light part of this very dark series. He's the jokester, not as serious or intense as the other three Horsemen, and I was ready for him to find his girl. Will and Emmy's second-chance love story is filled with darkness and angst. I really enjoyed the flashbacks of them in high school and loved how relentless Will was in his pursuit. That being said, their reintroduction to each other's lives was BRUTAL, and I mean that literally. This book is beyond violent, some of it fit in with the story and some was unnecessary. It's also really erotic, but just like with the violence, some fit in with the story and some was for unnecessary shock factor. As this was the final book in the series, there were a ton of loose ends to tie up and the story ended as it should. But damn that Penelope Douglas, she wrote an epilogue that left me totally wanting more! I'm thinking the next generation of Horsemen will be epic!


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"God, I wann knock you up," he said, rising up and looking down at me as he took out a condom. "I want to ruin you for all the times you made me think you didn't want me. I want to give you a piece of me you'll never be able to escape."

"I think that's why I've always liked this time of day best. People hide in the dark. They quench their thirsts in the dark. They build their secrets in the dark. We're more ourselves here than anywhere else. I get to be me..." he swallowed, staring at me, "when nightfall is coming."

"The role of the villain is only determined by who's telling the story."

From The Publisher


What happens when it's five against one and nowhere to run?


They call it Blackchurch. A secluded mansion in a remote, undisclosed location where the wealthy and powerful send their misbehaving sons to cool off away from prying eyes.

Will Grayson has always been an animal, though. Reckless, wild, and someone who was never bound by a single rule other than to do exactly what he wanted. There was no way his grandfather was going risk him humiliating the family again.

Not that the last time was entirely his fault. He might've enjoyed backing me into corners in high school when no one was looking, so they wouldn't catch on that Mr. Popular actually wanted a piece of that quiet, little nerd he loved to torture so much, but...

He could also be warm. And fierce in keeping me safe.

The truth is... He has a right to hate me.

It's all my fault. Everything.

Devils Night. The videos. The arrests.

I'm to blame for all of it.

And I regret nothing.

I never minded being locked up. I learned a long time ago that being treated like an animal gives you permission to act like one. No one has ever looked at me any other way.

Their only mistake is believing anything I do is an accident. I can sit in this house with no Internet, television, liquor, or girls, but I'll come out of here with something far more frightening to my enemies.

A plan.

And a new pack of wolves.

I just didn't expect one of my enemies to come to me.

I don't know who smuggled her in or if they meant to leave her here, but I can smell her hiding in the house. She's here.

And as the security detail leaves the supplies, the gates close, and the door to my gilded cage opens, giving me free reign of the house and grounds for another unsupervised month, I remember with a smile...

Blackchurch houses five prisoners. I'm only one of her problems.

*Nightfall is a full-length, romantic suspense suitable for readers 18+. It's necessary to read the prior installments in the series before starting this story.

ASIN: B089H1D5V6

Devil’s Night Series

My romance novel obsession started when I was a kid reading my Mom's Jackie Collins novels. I love the steamy romances and I like my men to be alpha males and my ladies to be quirky and strong. I need the HEA but it’s OK if it takes 2 or 3 or 10 books to get there. Lee Nightingale is my forever, it's Chase Abandonato...for now.

I’m a Mom of 2 daughters, 4 cats and a dog, a travel junkie, cruising in particular, and a Disney fanatic. I love all things beach and all things books!

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