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Niko is Dark, and I don't just mean in the subjective sense of the word; I mean in the literal sense (or as literal as one can get in a paranormal book). Having met Niko in The Dark Prince, I knew he was a bad dude, but in Nikolai, he's a very bad dude. He's also addicted to sex and gets it however he can. Nikolai is a hardcore dark paranormal story with much more heat than Dark Light and The Dark Prince. It can be read as a standalone, but it's best read as book 2-1/2 in the series. If you love the magic world S. L. Jennings created, you MUST read Nikolai. [November 2013]

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Two centuries ago, I clawed my way into a world of immorality, filth and destruction. A world seething with secrets and lies, both mortal and immortal.
Complete and utter Darkness.
I know we’re supposed to be inherently evil, but something inside me refuses to fully believe our legends. Something that calls out for more…calls out for her.
But there are rules. Rules that control the balance of nature. And if broken, it could destroy everything I’ve ever known. It could destroy me.
I am Nikolai Skotos, son of Stavros and Delia, and brother of Dorian, the heir of the Dark throne. I am one of the most powerful Dark forces to have ever walked this earth.
And I once was lost.
Now, I’m about to give it all up for the girl that found me.
*This is a PREQUEL NOVELLA for the Dark Light Series, NOT Book 3, to be read AFTER reading Dark Light & The Dark Prince*


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