Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

The Nothing Special series is one of my all time favorites. Atlanta PD Lieutenants God and Day just ooze sexy alpha goodness from the page. Along with their elite task force, they have kicked ass through the Atlanta underworld for six books. But what happens when someone even more dangerous shows up in their city with a score to settle? Ex, a trained assassin, and his partner Meridan are a new breed of alpha. Watching them take apart the city looking for justice and falling in love was mesmerizing. And when these men who have been taught to suppress their emotions let loose the results are explosive!


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“Why’d you really come in here?” Meridian asked, still standing close enough that his warm breath caressed his cheek. “I was...” I was hurting... and I needed to... I went looking for you to make it go away. “You were what?” Meridian whispered roughly. “I don’t know.” “Yes, you do.” “Mere.” Ex tensed. “Just ask me, Xavier... and I’ll give you whatever you need. You know that.”

“I know who you are.” The man grunted when Ex turned to leave. “You’re the fucking devil.” Meridian walked past, glaring one final time. “Say that loud enough… maybe God will save you.”

Ex cursed Meridian for being that damn sexy. His partner was the perfect kill shot executed from a mile away. Beautiful and flawless.

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Police Lieutenants, God and Day are under intense pressure from the chief to take back control of Atlanta’s streets. The last thing their task force needs is a pair of trained killers in town with a personal score to settle.

Take a man and strip him of his ability to feel compassion, empathy, remorse, or any of the emotions that make him human, but leave the ones that ignite rage and aggression and you have the perfect killing machine—now imagine two of them.

Code names Ex and Meridian are synonymous for ‘guaranteed death’ to international terrorists. Two broken men from the same crooked streets, recruited into an unsanctioned government program that few know about. Trained to operate most efficiently—lethally—together.

When Ex returns from an op in Bolivia to learn his little brother has been accidentally killed in a feud between drug gangs, he’s stateside before he can consider the rules he’ll be breaking, and of course Meridian is right beside him. There’s mayhem on the streets of Atlanta and the police are losing control. If Godfrey and his elite team of detectives can’t get the job done then they’d be happy to lighten their caseloads for them. And Ex nor Meridian care about doing it quietly.

“I know who you are.” The man grunted when Ex turned to leave. “You’re the fucking devil.”
Meridian walked past, glaring one final time. “Say that loud enough… maybe God will save you.”

But after their first run-in with the big lieutenant and his protective husband, Day, Ex and Meridian start to reevaluate their own relationship. Wondering if they could be even deadlier if they let loose the feelings for each other that they’ve been forced to suppress for years.

Meridian’s dark eyes stayed locked on his, “A man who can fight beside the one he loves doesn’t make him weaker, Ex—it makes him more dangerous.”

No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a HEA.

Note: This title focuses on two new characters in the series. And while it can standalone, there are appearences from prior main characters
Note: This is a partners-to-lovers, out-for-you, action romance.
Note: There are depictions of violence in this novel.

ASIN: B083C18H13

I am a Puppet for The Man and a serious smut reader! I cut my teeth on mass market romance lines when I was a teen and now I have graduated to the good stuff. I am happiest spending time with my husband and my two dogs. Normally you will find me combing the virtual bookshelves for the best of Gay Romance, but I'll never say no to a good story no matter who it features. I can't wait to share my favorites with all of you!

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