Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

This is the latest entry in AE Via's flagship series. Fox is a longstanding member of Atlanta's SWAT team. Bull was introduced as a supporting character in an earlier installment. The two of them had a chemistry that set the page on fire then and it was just a short meeting. So when it was announced they were getting their own book I was on pins and needles waiting for it. And it does not disappoint. The action and tech wizardry I expect are there but now they are contrasted against a simple hard-working ranching lifestyle. The sex is hot and the romance is so sweet it will make your heart flutter. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Fox would choose a simpler life and more importantly would SWAT let him go.


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“I guess he couldn’t watch me die. But my problem was… he wouldn’t help me survive either.” Bull took Fox’s hand and threaded their fingers together. “You don’t give up on the person you love, Fox. Never. You fight together, no matter how bad the storm.”

“Since you’re incapable of doing your damn job, I’m gonna go get your piece-of-shit nephew for you. I know he’s the one that’s been doing all of this, and so do you,” Fox snarled. “Nod your damn head.” The sheriff shifted his eyes uneasily around the room before he gave a stiff jerk of his neck. “I got you by the balls, Thompson. So, when I pull your leash, motherfucker, you better bark.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” Fox shook his head. “All I’ve ever wanted was someone to touch me like they cared when my world spun outta control. Not someone that went in the opposite direction because it was too much to deal with.” “You’re mine,” Bull whispered. “Or did you already forget?” Fox gave a hint of a smile, and Bull almost wept with relief. “No. Of course I didn’t.”

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Dominic “Bull” Walker is used to the simpler things in life. Give him his own land to work, a strong horse, and twelve hours of daylight, and he is a contented man. But when someone threatens to take away the successful ranch that took him two years to rebuild, he’ll accept any help he can get to defend it.

Mandel “Fox” Tucker is a sixth-generation SWAT soldier. It’s embedded in his bones to protect and serve his community. So when he gets word of the vandalism occurring on the Walker Ranch, he quickly volunteers the free time he has, thanks to his recent suspension.

The brief visit Fox had with Bull four months ago had been a contentious—but powerful—encounter. Therefore, he’s not surprised when he shows up on his doorstep unannounced and has to pull out some of his best tricks to get past the six-foot-four, stubborn Texan.

Fox is only there to safeguard what’s most important to Bull. But being on the ranch brings an awareness to him that he embraces with both hands. Nature, peace… love—things he never found in the city.

This book contains the love story of two new characters. It is a part of a series but can be read as a standalone.
There are no multiple pairings or sharing. Ends in a very HEA.
Trigger Warning: Mild police violence. Scenes are not graphic.


I am a Puppet for The Man and a serious smut reader! I cut my teeth on mass market romance lines when I was a teen and now I have graduated to the good stuff. I am happiest spending time with my husband and my two dogs. Normally you will find me combing the virtual bookshelves for the best of Gay Romance, but I'll never say no to a good story no matter who it features. I can't wait to share my favorites with all of you!

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