Recommended By Marissa

Recommended By Marissa

I loved these 2 characters. They felt so original to me. Tessa felt, I’m sure like a lot of us, that she wasn’t pretty/sexy/thin enough to get this tall, dark, and handsome god. Jennifer did a great job showing how Xavier slowly starts to see Tessa as more than an acquaintance and into this woman he can’t stop thinking about. It’s almost like a slow burn for the relationship/falling in love part, but boy is NOT a slow burn for the sex. Their first scene together was so good, and I loved how Tessa came out of her shell and showed Xavier how uninhibited she could be over the course of their non-relationship. They just started spending all their time together and don’t realize they’re falling in love. And the climatic love declaring… there may have been tears. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


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Look, I get it, I'm not asking for miracles. I might be a closeted hopeless romantic, but I'm also a realist. I don't need fireworks. I'm not asking for magic. Of course my date won't be Prince Charming. All I'm asking for is a pleasant night out on the worst single day of the year. That's not exactly shooting for the stars, now is it?

Apparently, it is.

Because not only am I stuck with the date from hell, but the fates don't think I've suffered enough, so why not seat me next to my secret crush. Trauma surgeon, Xavier Knight, is the most gorgeous man alive, and completely out of my league. An unobtainable, impossible dream that makes my heart pound whenever he gets close. Fantastic. Now he'll bear witness to my humiliation.

Ah, life, you really know how to kick a girl when she's down.


My first foray into the Romance genre came my freshman year in high school English, where the teacher had us all read books from several different genres. So, my first book boyfriend and PnR introduction, if you will, was Richard Merlin, from The Wizard of Seattle. Prior to that, I’d only read Fantasy or Sci-fi, with a little teen horror thrown in for angst. I was reading The Vampire Diaries decades before it was even a twinkle in the eyes of the producers. Now, I am addicted to PnR, always reading at least one book a week about vamps, wolves, angels, demons, Fae, or overall magic.

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