Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

Lexi C. Foss's Dark Provenance world is a dark world full of demonic characters that will steal your heart and make your nether regions flutter. Gwen is a super lovable succubus with a self control problem, and Lord Zebulon and Zane are determined to help her stop accidentally killing men. Their chemistry is super hot, and the mystery they are unraveling was full of twist, turns, and surprises that I never saw coming. I absolutely couldn't put it down. If you have read Daughter of Death and Son of Chaos, you will see some familiar characters in Paramour, but you do not have to read them to enjoy this one. If you are a fan of dark worlds and sinful behavior, grab this one today!


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Another explosion ripped through me, cascading me into a dark oblivion. Zane soon followed, his seed hot and wet inside me. But Lord Zebulon was nowhere near done. He flipped us, putting Zane flat on his back with me on top of him, his cock still lodged deep in my ass. And our lord began to really move, drilling into us both in this position and driving Zane into another orgasm within minutes.

Zane growled, the sound vibrating my sensitive skin and urging me onward while reminding me who sucked me off. The blue in his irises had melted into sterling silver, giving him a dangerous edge. Demons innately feared silver as it could kill us. But that liquid metal in his gaze only intrigued me more, especially now as his pupils pulsated with his mounting hunger. He needed me to come.

I kissed him, thanking him as I changed our positions again, pulling Guinevere up to her knees and moving to slide into her from behind while Zane redirected her mouth to his groin. She groaned in approval, the position more natural—which was why I’d moved.

From The Publisher


A dead conquest.
A succubus signature.
An edict sending the culprit back to Hell.

The culprit being me.

My name is Gwen, and I’m a succubus with a control problem. Except I didn’t create this mess.

Now I have ten days to prove my innocence.
Not a problem.
Well, minus one minor detail–the two hot demons hellbent on helping me prove my case.

Lord Zebulon makes me want to fall to my knees with a single glance.
And Zane recently shattered my heart.

It's a match made in Hell. And a union probably blessed by the devil himself.

So I have ten days not to fall in love.
Ten days of staying out of Zane's and Lord Zebulon's beds.
And ten days to find out who framed me for murder.

Man, sometimes being a succubus really sucks.

Author's Note: Paramour of Sin is a standalone paranormal romance featuring a Demonic Lord with a penchant for drawing blood, a kinky incubus with a proclivity for playing dirty, and a wayward Succubus known for her lethal touch. There will be MM, MF, and MMF content.


Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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