Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

Permission...more like redemption!!! This final captivating installment of the Perversion Trilogy brings it all full circle. With more suspenseful twists and turns than I was expecting, all my questions were answered and all the problems get resolved. This roller coaster of a story will not only give you anxiety and palpitations while your reading, but also some endearing feels. This is NOT your typical romance, but there are so many complex layers of love, honor and loyalty built into it that I can't help but call it a love story of epic proportions!


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Because I am the man in the leather hood with bloodied hands, but I'm also more. More than just the reaper of Bedlam. More than just their leader. I am a man. Flesh and bone. Beating heart. Capable of both life and death. Hate and love.

She's always been the most beautiful girl in the world, but right now, with her taking control of the situation, showing her strength with every movement, she's living, breathing sex.

Being someone's possession makes you nothing. Giving yourself to someone completely makes you everything.

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Permission is the conclusion of Grim and Emma Jean's story.

He was my first.
But since then I’ve been programmed to enjoy torture.
Being watched.
Being taken two at a time.
I feel nothing now. I’m empty. Hollow. Lost.
He knows it. He knows I need more.
So, he gives it to me.
My body has never felt such pleasure.
My heart has never endured such pain.


ISBN: 0578423952

Book 1 Perversion:

Book 2 Possession:

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