Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

I have not read any F/F stories up to this point but this was an excellent way to start! This book is the fourth in the Fog City series and features Helena. She is the kind of character I love reading about. A true Alpha female who has eclipsed her brothers to become The Queen. She leads a family of assassins and maneuvers through the underworld with diplomatic skill, She meets her equal in her brother's sister-in-law. Celia is the bedrock of her family and wants to be the anchor that Helena needs to rule. The chemistry with these women is off the charts and the sex is pearl-clutching hot! I have been following Helena since the start of the Fog City series and I am so happy she was given a story worthy of her.


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“Your hot and soaked for me, and I’m the same for you. I’ve been this way since Friday. Fuck, longer. I was trying to stay away, trying to keep you safe, but I want you. I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you.” “You’re gonna owe so much money to the swear jar after this,”

“Anywhere close to us is dangerous, Cee. I’m dangerous.” “I know, you told me as much last night.” She stepped closer. “But your brother is marrying mine in three weeks, and your family is sitting in my family’s bakery, covered in jelly and frosting. I think we’re past that.”

From The Publisher


Everyone leaves.

Love is risky business when you’re an assassin.
Helena Madigan has lost loved ones to the family business before. Now that she’s in charge, she’s determined never to risk her heart again.
Except every time Celia enters the room, she takes Helena’s breath away.

But the one time someone stays…

Celia Perri likes to be helpful.
She just wants to run the family auto shop, raise her kids, and help her brother plan his wedding.
But when a drive-by shooting targets the garage, Celia’s simple life is upended.
Now ensconced within the Madigan family, there’s no escaping Helena, the blonde bombshell she’s been crushing on for months.

It could cost her everything.

As the Madigans investigate, Celia witnesses their love and loyalty up close.
And their business.
Instead of being afraid, she sees a place for herself among them. She could be a confidant and caregiver—if only Helena would stop pushing her away. If only she’d admit their mutual attraction might lead to more.
And if only someone would stop shooting at them long enough to find out.

Queen’s Ransom is the fourth book in the Fog City romantic suspense series. It can be read as a stand-alone but is best enjoyed after reading books one through three of the series.


I am a Puppet for The Man and a serious smut reader! I cut my teeth on mass market romance lines when I was a teen and now I have graduated to the good stuff. I am happiest spending time with my husband and my two dogs. Normally you will find me combing the virtual bookshelves for the best of Gay Romance, but I'll never say no to a good story no matter who it features. I can't wait to share my favorites with all of you!

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