Recommended By Marissa

Recommended By Marissa

Lani Lynn Vale has a unique way of writing, you never quite know how the story is going to go. This started out as a whirlwind romance, then ended up being a second chance romance. There were miscommunication issues, horrible family members, and angst that will have you clutching your e-reader but there were plenty of light-hearted and sweet moments between George and Wrigley. Plus, we always get one or 2 side characters that introduce some laughs to the story. I can’t wait to see which one of George’s teammates is next up.


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"You're beautiful, and not a day will go by that I don't find every single inch of you captivating."

She swore and clamped her legs around my head, but I didn't stop. Not until she was coming. Not until her pussy tightened around my tongue.

Before I could so much as gasp in a breath at the suddenness of his moves, his cock was at my entrance, and everything was once again right with my world.

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What’s wrong with my butt?

She means those words to be directed toward the woman beside her, not him. But he can’t stop himself from answering. Not when her ass is the most magnificent thing he’s seen in his life.

Apparently, answering her with ‘not a damn thing’ wasn’t what she was expecting.

She likely wasn’t expecting the baseball she took to the face at his next at bat, either.

All it takes is one ill-fated foul ball, and George Hoffman, Lumberjacks center fielder, falls head over heels in love with Wrigley Field—and yes, that is her real name.

From that point forward, George and Wrigley fall into a fast whirlwind love that ends with them eloping to Vegas. And he has his potty mouth, titty bar owning, pain in the ass grandmother to thank for it.

Not that he’s complaining or anything.

Who wouldn’t want to be married to a woman that made his heart race like he was in the final game of the World Series?

The only problem is trying to convince her of that.


There’s No Crying In Baseball Series

My first foray into the Romance genre came my freshman year in high school English, where the teacher had us all read books from several different genres. So, my first book boyfriend and PnR introduction, if you will, was Richard Merlin, from The Wizard of Seattle. Prior to that, I’d only read Fantasy or Sci-fi, with a little teen horror thrown in for angst. I was reading The Vampire Diaries decades before it was even a twinkle in the eyes of the producers. Now, I am addicted to PnR, always reading at least one book a week about vamps, wolves, angels, demons, Fae, or overall magic.

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