Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

This is a great story with main characters overcoming dark pasts and learning to love, and supporting characters that are so much fun. Luther may be my favorite supporting character from any of the books that I have read lately. Both Rain and Charlie have dark pasts for different reasons, and watching them overcome those pasts and learn to love each other made a story that was difficult to put down. Also, there is just enough suspense in this book to keep you on the edge of your seat. This will not be my last book written by C. E. Johnson!!!


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Her nails dig into the back of my shoulders as our bodies move together. With every thrust, her grip on me tightens. Those perfect legs wrap around my waist. Her soft heels dig into my back, pulling me further into her.

My hand moves below the waistband and over his hardened arousal. His head flies back, and a guttural sound releases from his throat. The pressure from his hands on my shoulders grows hard as the rhythm of my hand on him increases. Suddenly, he pulls my hand away, and his lips fervently take back control.

His mouth drops open, his breath ragged and heavy. Every ripple and curve rubbing against the inside of me sends waves of devastating euphoria. His relentless slow pace and the ability to feel every delicious detail of him causes the tidal wave building inside to come crashing down.

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Charlie had it all. Beauty. Brains. And the guy. Until the perfect boyfriend went from heaven to hell. Fearful for her life, and the sting of his hand still lingering on her cheek, she runs. But she knows he won't let her go so easily. Determined to leave his crime ridden life behind, Rain retreated deep into the Oregon woods. He has everything he needs. A beautiful home and a life of solitude. But when an injured woman staggers onto his property, he can't help but think she's part of an elaborate setup. His gut says believe her. His paranoia says trust no one. His heart, however, is completely screwed. Will enemies from both of their pasts ruin their chance at a future, or will love find a way?


ISBN: 1987706986

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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