Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

This was my first book by Lucinda Dark, and it will definitely not be my last. The story pulled me in and refused to let go, the characters kept me wonderfully entertained, and the twist at the end took me by surprise and made me look up the release date of Book Two! The slow burn tension between Barbie, Torin, and Maverick gave me all of the tingles, and left me in eager anticipation of the next part of the story. Start this one today, and you won't be sorry!!!


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I took his mouth this time. Diving in deep and thrusting my tongue against his. Acute passion swelled within me, driving me to clutch him closer, hold him harder. I rubbed my breasts against his chest until my nipples prickled with the sensation.

In actuality, I wanted to climb him like a fucking tree. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and slide down until his cock pressed inside and relieved me of this horrible, god-awful ache that was swelling up in my core.

Lips touched my core. His tongue darted out, stroking back up to my clit as his fingers sank inside. First one and then two. My back arched. A cry of pleasure escaped my throat, no more words possible.

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Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. If vampires kill your entire family, vengeance is a must. I can’t say my parents never warned me about vampires. I just never believed them. Not—that is—until six months ago when vampires broke into my home and killed my family. Thanks to all the skills my parents taught me, I managed to escape but I couldn’t save them. Two vampires down and the rest of the world to go. My bid for revenge is going to have to wait, though, because until I turn 18, I’m being placed in the loving care of Elizabeth and Jonathan McKnight—godparents I didn’t even know existed. The clock is ticking until I can get back to my goal of eradicating the vampire race. But something is amiss at my new high school. According to my parents, vampires can’t walk in daylight. So, why then, does Torin Priest? If he’s not a vampire, then what is he? Because unlike the obnoxious asshole, Maverick McKnight, who sees me as some sort of bloodsucking leech on his wealthy family, Torin Priest is most certainly not human. To stake or not to stake, that is the question.


ISBN: 1708784969

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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