Recommended By Angela

Recommended By Angela

Remy & James have an instant connection and it is beyond hot. She needs help paying off a debt and he just happens to offer her an agreement she cannot refuse. He is ruthless, dominant and knows exactly what he wants. The bidding scene is so detailed, even I found myself shifting in my chair. Their interactions are raw and electric, and the way Remy responds to James almost seems natural. I really enjoyed the intensity of the scenes and would've loved to have more of this story and their dynamic.


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Her mouth formed a small oval when I reached for my pants, unbuckling them and allowing them to fall to the floor. Fuck, the things that little mouth were doing to me. I imagined it under mine, crushed, submissive. Then around my cock, taking me into that beautiful throat.

She shifted her weight, drawing my gaze down her shapely legs, past the naked slit of her pussy toward her feet. They were dainty and small, painted a shiny coral colour. As I watched she curled her toes inward, as if protecting herself from the big, bad wolf. An accurate image as I intended to eat her all up, from top to bottom. Then I'd spit her out, used and broken.

I rounded her once more, stopping right behind her. This time I brought the flogger up between her legs, smacking her pussy. The sound the leather made against her most vulnerable part was beautiful. Wet.

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A dark romance collaboration by international Bestselling Authors Nikita Slater & Jasmin Quinn.

It's dark where despair hides, swamped in shadows. But where there are shadows, there is also light.

He has everything but my name and he wants it.
I have nothing but my name and I can't give it up.
He will try to take it from me and I will try to resist.

She's bewitched me and I want her
All of her.
She has no choice. She can give it to me freely or I will take it from her.
The slave will be mine.


I read. I create. I get in trouble. That is me in a nutshell. I live in a snarky, artistic, eclectic world where BDSM and Dark Erotica are high on my reading list. I yearn for a really raw, gritty book where the lead guy/girl is more like a villain and I am left completely mindf*cked. The more the usual lines of morality are blurred, the better. I am an Alice in Wonderland Freak, an Edgar Allan Poe lover and an ocean addicted mermaid. I like originality when it comes to my books. The dirtier, the better. I am here to Discover, Share and Obsess. Join me, will you?

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