Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

This book has so many things I enjoyed that I’m having trouble deciding which one is my favorite. It’s got hot criminals, edge of your seat action, stress inducing suspense, and super hot BDSM action. Scarlett’s growth as a character is so fun to watch as she learns to trust her men. And her men are just drool worthy. I’ve also recommended Sweet Possession, the first book of this series, but you can also enjoy this one without having read Sweet Possession. Grab this one today and you won’t be sorry!


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"Is what we can do for you, Scarlett. Just let yourself feel, sweetheart. Let us take over. Let us master you." And I did. After the first few thrusts, Hadrian and Wolf began to work in a rhythm. When one would pull nearly out the other would plunge into me. It was almost as if they knew exactly which buttons to push. How far to go and where to direct me.

I was so wrapped up in the praise that was spilling from him and how good he tasted on my tongue that I barely felt it when the bed dipped behind me. But when strong hands gripped my ass and then warm skin slid along my calves, my head jerked back. The top of Hadrian's head appeared down below, right between my thighs. Hot breath brushed over my core and I arched up at the first stroke of his tongue.

"Good girl," he said, breathing harder. "Now, move. Up and down. That's a good girl. Ride me, love." I did. I lifted up and sank back down, taking him to the hilt, feeling his hot, hard cock move into my pussy, stretching me and filling me. I did it again and again until moans fell from my lips.

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Three pasts. Three criminals. One night to steal it all.

I’m known as the Scarlett Thief. Truly fitting since Scarlett is my name. No one has seen me or ever even gotten close. It’s not bragging, I’m just that good. If I see something and I want it, the fact is, come hell or high thievery, it will be mine.

There’s just one rule: I work alone. A team comes with complications—dangerous complications that can get a girl killed or, even worse, caught.

When a mysterious billionaire known as Mr. Black not only gets close enough to catch me but leaves me an intriguing message offering me the chance of a lifetime, what’s a world-renowned criminal to do? Track the man down and kill him, of course. Only, instead of Mr. Black, I find two other criminals —a hacker and a mercenary—who are gunning for the mysterious man in the shadows who seems to know everything about us.

The only way to keep our secrets from ever seeing the light of day is to pull off the biggest heist the world’s ever seen. If we fail, we lose everything, but if we succeed … we could go down in history.


Book One: Sweet Possession –

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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