Sink or Swim by Tessa Bailey


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I've been waiting for Andrew and Jiya's story since she walked into their kitchen in the first book. Before we even knew they were going to be a couple. Maybe even before Tessa knew they were going to be a couple. Is her writing so stellar that their chemistry jumps off the pages the first time we meet them. Yes. Yes it is. Andrew was always the strong brother, but I had no idea what secrets he was holding. From page one I was head over heels in love with him, and I swooned over his reactions to everything Jiya did. This book is absolute perfection, not just because of the expected (and highly anticipated) dirty factor I love in a Tessa Bailey man, but also because of his soft vulnerability. So good. SO GOOD!

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Sink or Swim

Publisher Synposis

Andrew Prince wakes up before everyone else. He schedules the bar shifts, demands perfection from Long Beach’s lifeguards—most of all himself—and makes sure the family debts are paid. His unfaltering work ethic might leave him exhausted, but it comes with one advantage. It distracts him from the love he’s been harboring since childhood for the girl next door—who he cannot have.

Jiya Dalal has dreams. To fly a plane, see the world below…and prove irresistible to her best friend, Andrew. But she needs to be a good daughter first, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task, since her parents expect a good marriage and the man she loves with all her heart refuses to pursue the blistering connection between them. Just when she’s beginning to believe Andrew truly doesn’t want her, a moonlight tryst on the beach exposes his true feelings. But an echo from the past kept them apart before…and it’s only growing louder with every stolen kiss…


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"Need you?" He hooked a finger in the waistband of her panties and slowly, slowly dragged them down her gorgeous, brown legs. "No, Jiya. I fucking require you."

Hi hips bounced his shaft in and out of her, his lips were peeled back from his teeth, his eyes lustful. Filthy. Smacks of flesh filled the room, growing Louder, faster in sequence. And still she knew he was holding back. Trying not to hurt her. Too bad she wanted to be hurt, marked, owned, so she could walk around bearing the scar of Andrew Prince for the rest of her life.

"You don't open your legs like a nice girl, you slap and claw for what you want, is that right?" Thrust. Thrustthrustthrust. "Are you a feisty little thing, sweetheart? You need this cock shoved in rough to keep you happy?"

Beach Kingdom Series

Adrian Perkins

My romance novel obsession started when I was a kid reading my Mom's Jackie Collins novels. I’m a romance junkie and I like my men to be alpha males and my ladies to be quirky and strong. I need the HEA but it’s OK if it takes 2 or 3 or 10 books to get there. Lee Nightingale is my forever BBF. I’m a full-time Realtor and fuller-time Mommy with a husband, 2 kids and 4 cats. I love to travel almost as much as I love to read.
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