Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

Spencer Ryan is a Grade A asshole. I don't know if it's because he's a relentless sex monster along with his asshole behavior or in spite of it. I'm honestly surprised at how hot the sexing made me while reading Spencer. It has me re-thinking all of my previous feelings about pushy jerks and their potential effect on my libido. Because if just Spencer's words can push my (love) buttons like that in a book, I can't imagine what a guy like that in real life would do. fans undies
[May 2015]


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'Face it, Princess, my biggest crime today was making you come too hard.'I hold up my hands in surrender. 'Guilty as charged.'

If you hated me," he pulls his hand away, leaving me to sag with disappointment, "you wouldn't be this wet." His fingers force their way into my mouth, coated with my need.

If we weren't in a busy village pub on a Sunday evening, I'd be sprawled across that table by now, I have no doubt. Thank heavens for the general public.

From The Publisher


'@TheSpencerRyan exudes confidence,
I mean, have you seen him???
His dark good looks and tattooed muscled perfection are too much.
He's hot. Lickably hot.
And he has a way with words that leaves me breathless.
But cocky doesn't even cover it,
this guy is so arrogant you have to fight back.
But God he's so lickable!
The thing is though,
he looks like sex but he'll taste like jackass.

@OMGJazzyP is a sexy, annoying ball of rage in fuck-me heels
and she hates me.
Although her nipples would tend to disagree.
It's a deadly combination.
She’s a princess.
And when I say princess, I mean intolerable, spoiled brat with a tiara.
Sure she's got that curvaceous goddess thing going on,
but that mouth of hers...
God it needs something in it to shut it up.

This is not your average British romance.
It's a tale of high heels, hot tattooed bad boys and
sex oranges, all wrapped up in a coating of chocolate.
It's 'love' in a social media world,
where not everyone is who they seem
and where some people’s bios should carry a warning.

This is a work of adult fiction, containing sexually explicit situations and profanity and is unsuitable for minors.


I’ve been working hard on the ✨magical✨ internet since 2006 when I retired from teaching elementary school to stay at home with my two baby girls. Those baby girls are now ornery teenagers, and I'm a single mom, old school lifestyle blogger, smut book peddler, and Shameless Book Con HBIC.

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