Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor

Headmaster and Student. I mean really...what more do you want from an erotica book? Oh, you want an Alpha male? This has it. You want submission? Got it!! Troubled girl and a HOT DOM?'s in there! A quick read with bonus material in the back. Steamy and worth it!! Nice to spend some time with you, Headmaster Thorn. ~ Theresa [January 2018]


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Welcome to the school for bad girls. Class has just begun.

Get down on your knees, he said. And I obeyed.
It started when I had trouble in class.
My dad put me into reform school to make me into a model citizen.
But it didn't turn out well.
Because my new teacher doesn't just teach.
He commands.
Grayson Thorn doesn't use a pen or pencil.
He uses a whip.
He doesn't have a ruler.
He has a paddle.
But the problem is that I'm still a bad student.
And Master Thorn is going to teach me a lesson.
Every night.
Bent over.
Calling his name.
Because I've met my match ...
Or has the dom met his?

ASIN: B07895R8QG

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