Recommended By Kim

Recommended By Kim

This was a delicious, fast paced read filled with tension, suspense and characters with magnetic chemistry. I found myself drawn in to the broken lives of both Harley and Jackson and needing to know much more about how the circumstances of their lives lead them to their current positions. This book kept me turning pages and eager to see how their future would unfold. The next book in the series, Tangled Up In Pain, is already fired up on my Kindle!


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He’s not merely handsome; he is outright beautiful. But beyond the physical, it’s the damage and the darkness in his eyes that pull me closer as if he were a magnet.

She is lying in my arms. Her fingers are running down my scars and she isn’t repulsed. I have not let myself get close to another woman in years. It was actually one of the things that drove me to hide myself away from humanity.

From The Publisher


I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I crash into him: Jackson Ludlow
The reclusive billionaire of New York

Once, he had everything a man could want. Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved.
So, he spent four years holed up in his mansion doing the only thing he knew how to do: make money.

We are all wrong for each other. He’s cold, uninterested and demanding.
I’m impatient and inexperienced.

The only thing we have in common is that we both have secrets.
And the closer we get, the more they threaten to destroy us.


Philly suburbanite, mom to an amazing teenager. (Of course he knows everything and isn’t sarcastic at all.) Lover of everything word related: books, music lyrics, poetry... I don’t discriminate! I discovered my love of reading as a 6th grader when I stumbled upon a fantasy series by Piers Anthony. It was then I realized I could be someone else, exploring new places and learning about new experiences. My reading preferences have changed throughout the years, and I’m more of a PNR junkie now with one-handed reading at the top of my list.
I believe with every fiber of my being that words hold the ultimate power. Words able to build someone up or leave them in shreds, so I try to always choose mine carefully.
Reading has brought me so much happiness, new friends, new adventures, love, and contentment. It’s the ultimate escape!

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