Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor

A homicide detective with an Aussie accent, handcuffs, and a dominant personality? Sign me up! The combination of mystery, humor, and the sexy is the recipe to win my heart in a romance book. Let's just talk about the sexy for a second: Gentleman in the streets and a Dom between the sheets!

Fiona Archer knows how to paint a picture with her words and will take you into her world of hot Australian heroes! I can't wait for what's to come next.


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"Fiona Archer draws you in and doesn't let go. I love her hot Aussie heroes. They stand out amid the sea of alpha males." -- Lexi Blake, NY Times Bestselling Author.

He's sworn to uphold the law

His reckless behavior as a child caused the deaths of his entire family. On the lonely Sydney streets, the orphan found friends. Found "brothers." Never again will Seattle Homicide Detective Heath Justice break the rules and risk his new family. Order and discipline govern his life...until he meets a curvaceous redhead. With two ugly murder cases to solve, the last thing he needs is this disconcertingly lovely, whirlwind of chaos, yet...charmed by her wit and intelligence, Heath can't resist.

She believes rules are meant to be broken

Deep into writing a murder mystery, author London Shaw is shocked when she herself is implicated in a homicide. She can't believe the ever-so-authoritarian Detective Heath Justice expects her to simply ignore the crime and go on about her business. Not happening. Although the man's whiskey rough voice, cuffs, and masterful touch could melt any woman's resistance--and does--she has a craving to do a little investigating herself.

When all or nothing is your only play

When Heath's murder investigation threatens a far-reaching conspiracy, everyone he cares for becomes their target--including the woman he's come to love.


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