Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

The Alpha Group Trilogy is a set of novellas, or shorter-length novels, that are meant to be read together. They're not considered a serial or a novel series, but rather as a set meant to be read, in my opinion, back-to-back. Now that all three in the set are released, it's the perfect chance to read them all at one time. The hotness between Sebastian and Sophia is off the charts. He's a beast in the bedroom, but not so dominating that he's scary. He just knows what he wants. In terms of a storyline, the crux of the suspense doesn't happen until well into the second book, so the first book and most of the second are a lot of set-up and build-up. But once the non-bedroom-related action starts, it's non-stop. The Alpha Trilogy books are a great read for those of us who like a mystery wrapped in a intro-to-kink story. [August 2013]


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LOCKED: Who is Sebastian Lock?
The bar Sophia Pearce is in doesn't look like much. The wine is bad and the decor worse. But when a sudden attack of curiosity leads her to sneak past security and into the back room, she discovers something unimaginable. The most lavish party she's ever laid eyes on, in the most unlikely of places.
But that's nothing compared to what comes next, to the man she meets back there. Sebastian Lock. Gorgeous, commanding, and radiating charm, he is exactly the sort of silver-tongued rake Sophia has sworn to avoid. Unfortunately, he doesn't care much for her promises.
Every instinct tells her to run, but the chemistry between them is as inescapable as gravity. Soon, he's opening her eyes to a whole new world of pleasures, pleasures she never thought she'd enjoy.
There's just one problem. Sebastian is more than he seems. Between the famous company he keeps and the almost paranoid secrecy of his employers, he's a puzzle Sophia can't quite solve, and his insistence on keeping things casual forces her to confront the demons of her past.
Can she learn to trust again? Or will Sebastian's privacy tear them apart?


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