Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

Ok y'all... I don't dole out 5⭐ recommendations lightly, a book really has to move me emotionally to earn it from me. So, I'm going out on a limb here in stating that this might be the best written, most realistic single parent romance I've ever read! I really enjoyed the other books in this series (Side note: you don't have to read them before this one), but this one here knocks it out of the park! I knew I was gonna love Nona's story once we got it, but I didn't realize how much. This story... sigh, this story is perfect. I've never read kids/teenagers so perfectly intertwined into a romance story line before, being a single mom for over 12 years, I appreciated this SO MUCH, made it that much more relatable and realistic for me. It's funny, it's real, it's hard, it's honest and it blew me away. Well done Jessica Prince, well done
P.S. Please tell me Gypsy's story is next! Never mind, either Gypsy or Rory will do, LOL


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I was wrong earlier...About what?...When I said I hadn't tasted anything better than your cupcakes. I was wrong. Just didn't know it until I got my mouth between your thighs.

It took me a while to see what's been in front of me this whole time, but my eyes are open eyes are open, and all I see is you, Nona.

I'm not stupid. I know most kids want their parents to be together, but I can't remember the last time I saw him laugh or smile with my mom the way he does with you...I'd rather my dad be happy.

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It wasn’t hard for Nona Fanning to fall for Trick. He was strong, kind-hearted, loyal, and unbelievably handsome. He was the man of her dreams, and all it took was one night to give her a taste of the beauty he had to offer. But while she’d been opening her heart to him, he’d kept his under lock and key.

After Patrick “Trick” Wanderly’s wife left him, ripping away their picture-perfect life, he convinced himself that she’d taken the best pieces of him with her. He wasn’t ready to move on and give his heart to someone else. Then his whole world flipped upside down after spending one night with Nona.

It took awhile for him to see what he had standing right in front of him, but now Trick’s eyes are open, and he’s determined to fix what he broke. But when danger threatens to tear Nona’s world apart, it’s up to Trick to help hold those pieces together while fighting to protect the woman and the new life he’s come to cherish.


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I'm a mom of 2 rad AF adults, 1 fresh baby and a super cute fur babe. Hospital administration by day, yoga instructor by night, travel junkie, shoe addict, foodie and avid reader in all the spaces in-between. I got my love of books from my mama and honestly can’t remember a time in my life where reading wasn’t a daily priority. I’m a sappy hopeless romantic who’s a sucker for 2nd chances, mature characters, and serendipitous connections. In an ideal world, you can find me on the beach with an icy cold adult libation in one hand and my Kindle in the other.

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