Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

The Devil's Eyes is not a typical happily ever after romance—far from it. There is mystery with mob stories, prostitution, strippers, and murder. Just when I thought I had things figured out, the plot twisted and turned, throwing me off my typically on-point detective skills. Having Lionel Clerc on the cover of the book helped tremendously in giving Nick a face to go with the story in my mind. (I mean, how can you possibly say no to someone with a face only the angel's could have created?) The Devil's Eyes is a great read for anyone who likes a quick-moving anti-romance with an antihero you can't help but want in your bed. [August 2013]


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Nicholas Jayzon has broken through the destitute chains of his past by stealing, swindling and charming his way to owning his city. In the city where most everyone owes him a favor, Nick’s power is growing. The police can’t touch him and his enemies are becoming powerless to take him down. He is intelligent, cunning and above all … alluring. No woman can resist him. But, one woman is determined to get him, and her reasons are personal. Kayla Donovan has spent years preparing for the time she faces him again and plans on denying Nick as much of her as she can. She knows him; she knows what gets his attention and what he can’t resist. Kayla is the only one that can possibly look into his devilish eyes and not be besieged by them or controlled by a single whisper of his desire. If she is able to manage her fears, then there is no reason for her not to succeed, and if she can’t … well, she has nothing to lose. She has no one left to care about her or to miss her if she fails in her mission. She has no one, not since her beloved sister fell for him, became controlled by him, and eventually died for him.

Driven by hate, Kayla is determined to find a way into Nick’s favor, find a way to make him trust her so she can find the heart of the devil and tear it apart before he captures hers.

The Devil’s Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel. Not your typical story of two perfect people coming together after overcoming a life challenge. No, Nick and Kayla are two imperfect people, trying to overcome the brutal realities of their worlds and finding life as criminals comes naturally to them both.


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