Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

This is such a fun story with a hilariously sarcastic couple! From sneaking peeks out the window to full-on down and dirty sex with the neighbor, The Dream Guy Next Door brings it all in a book to read when you need a break from seriousness of real life. Both of the main characters are self-assured established 30-something adults, which is a great departure from typical romance stories. I highly recommend this Lauren Blakely rom-com as the perfect summer read or one to curl up with by the fire. Get your sexy on!


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“I do. And I want you to have me and touch me and kiss me and eat me and fuck me.”

“You love to give directions,” I say.
“I just know what I want. And I want you touching me. I want you kissing me.”

She tastes like a woman who wants everything. Who wants me. Who wants to come very, very soon.

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A sexy, swoony falling-for-the-neighbor standalone romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely!
Just my luck - my new next door neighbor is a unicorn.
Yep, the British hottie is clearly a mythical man because - get this - he's a sexy, witty, charming, big-hearted single dad.
Who, wait for it, wants to find Mrs. Right and get hitched.
He’s a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of man, and it’s a darn shame I’m not on the market. If I were, his accent alone would melt me. Add in the fact that he's a veterinarian, and my animal-loving heart would be flip flopping.
But my heart's on the mend. I'm a single parent like him, and raising my teenage daughter is my top priority. Plus, falling for a guy who shares your property line is a line you shouldn’t cross.
Still, I'm an outgoing gal, so I do the neighborly thing and offer to be his dating insider.
Surely, I can help this small town’s most eligible bachelor ever navigate his way through all the fantastic single ladies eager to make his acquaintance.
What could possibly go wrong in helping the dream guy next door find his one true love?
So I set him up on one date, two dates, three dates -- and I’m about to find out exactly how dangerous my offer is.


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