Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

These little gems of dirty are like episodes of a 12-episode TV series you'd never watch on regular channels. As of the publishing of this recommendation, The Zodiac Queen series by Gemma James is still rolling out, one novella every few months. So far, the 6 I'm recommending are all published, and the next in the series, Libra, releasing soon. Normally, I like to wait for a TV series to be completed before I start watching (binge is my middle name), but reading these books are more "fun and sexy" than "deep and involved," so reading them as they release are a treat! I will forewarn you that there is some dub-con early on with a barely-of-age innocent heroine who has to quickly learn her place within the Brotherhood of 12 very experienced men on the island where she's held against her will. Yep, this is some real Stockholm Syndrome shit, but it's also not real life. Reality doesn't belong here. So give in like the queen does (c'mon, not really a spoiler here) and let the story take hold of your naughty imagination.


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"I love you." There's no hesitation, no doubt. No going back.

Don't fight it, princess. You were made for me.

A tremble shakes through his limbs, catapulting him to the verge. He lowers his hand from my throat and presses a palm over my heart. "Tell me I'm the only one in here."

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USA Today bestselling author Gemma James brings you season one of the Zodiac Queen, a unique and steamy tale of a young queen caught between twelve signs.

Twelve men, a virgin queen, one arranged marriage…

Aries: Liam Castle—chancellor of the Brotherhood and the first to touch me.
Taurus: Heath Bordeaux—a stoic jewel peddler with a stone-cold heart.
Gemini: Landon Astor—my protector and the keeper of secrets.

Twelve men from twelve houses, and I must spend a month with each one, yielding to their desires and shedding my innocence so long as my virtue remains intact.

Because the men of the Zodiac Brotherhood want a virgin queen after the last month concludes, and my uncle plans to auction me off to the highest bidder.

Out of the twelve men on this island, only one has my heart.
And only one can claim my hand in marriage.
If only it were up to me to decide.

Includes Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.


The Zodiac Queen Series

Available 4/20/21

Available 6/22/21

Available 10/5/21

Available 1/20/22

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