Recommended By Guest Contributor

Recommended By Guest Contributor


Laura Kaye's novellas never disappoint. She'll always give you what you're looking for and in this case, she'll give you twice the fun. ~ Nelle [October 2017]


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She's the fantasy they've always wanted to share...

Best friends Jonathan Allen and Cruz Ramos share almost everything--a history in the Navy, their sailboat building and restoration business, and the desire to dominate a woman together, which they do at Baltimore's exclusive club, Blasphemy. Now if they could find someone who wants to play for keeps...

All Hartley Farren has in the world is the charter sailing business she inherited from her beloved father. So when a storm damages her boat, she throws herself on the mercy of business acquaintances to do the repairs--stat. She never expected to find herself desiring the sexy, hard-bodied builders, but being around Jonathan and Cruz reminds Hartley of how much she longs for connection. If only she could decide which man she wants to pursue more...

As their attraction flashes hot, Jonathan and Cruz determine to have Hartley for their own. But the men's erotic world is new and overwhelming, and Hartley's unsure if she could really submit to being both of theirs to take...forever.



ISBN: 1976173205

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