Recommended By Adrian

Recommended By Adrian

What a fantastic story! I'm always down for a hot cowboy, and Jack is definitely that, but Tatum was the star of this story. She is the epitome of "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps", a strong woman who is determined to make it on her own. I love that their romance was a slow burn, but once it ignited it was white hot! There are secrets and a lot of angst, but the angst isn't over the top and fits in perfectly with the story. Bromberg gives us a well-written romance with an original plot, a few twists and a ton of heat! I loved every word.


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There is no time for patience. No time for foreplay. Only an urgency to be buried in that tight, wet pussy of hers that feels like Heaven and tells me it will haunt me like Hell and will take me every goddamn place between.

"Sex. An action. A verb. Don't overthink it."

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Jack Sutton was the man I didn’t want to need.
His know-it-all attitude. His annoying suggestions. His outlook on life.
He was determined to help me while I had resolved to figure it out on my own.
But he taught me things I’d forgotten.
How to trust. How to believe in myself. Who I was.
The problem?
I went and fell in love with him.
Tatum Knox was the disaster I should have walked away from.
Her ruined reputation. Her failing business. Her chaotic life.
She hated me at first sight and yet intrigued me all at the same time.
I was only supposed to be there six months.
I was supposed to use that time to make amends for things I’d done wrong.
Instead I fell in love with her.
They say it’s better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. Does that hold true when the love is based on a lie to begin with?

ASIN: B08286NY5C

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My romance novel obsession started when I was a kid reading my Mom's Jackie Collins novels. I love the steamy romances and I like my men to be alpha males and my ladies to be quirky and strong. I need the HEA but it’s OK if it takes 2 or 3 or 10 books to get there. Lee Nightingale is my forever, it's Chase Abandonato...for now.

I’m a Mom of 2 daughters, 4 cats and a dog, a travel junkie, cruising in particular, and a Disney fanatic. I love all things beach and all things books!

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