Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

I'm nothing if not honest, so I'll be totally honest and say that up until the last few chapters of this book, I was ready to write it off and give it barely 3 stars. But I read through and fell into what this book should have been for the majority of the story. The writing seems disjointed at times, and I didn't feel for Alexander what I thought I should. And then the floor fell out from under me when I fell in complete love with everyone and everything, all while my heart was crumbling, wishing I could read straight into the next book in the series.
In the end, it's totally worth reading, and hopefully the disjointedness comes together in the follow up books.


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In Anthony’s debut, a dashing, dominant businessman sweeps a lonely girl off her feet, and they quickly fall into a submissive/dominant relationship.

This first installment of a planned trilogy chronicles the love affair between the razor-tongued Eva Chase and the super suave, slightly mysterious Mr. Alexander Mason and has many parallels to the smash-hit Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy; indeed, that series’ fans may have difficulty putting it down.

The two embark upon a stormy, push-and-pull relationship, each struggling for power. All the while, Eva tries to keep her life together personally and professionally.


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