Recommended By Angie

Recommended By Angie

First off, you definitely have to read the first book in this series for most of what happens in Turning Back to make sense. Once you've done yourself that favor, you'll be like me and want to roll right into this book, the 2nd in the trilogy. In Turning Back, Quin's long lost love is back and they both want the other person they love, Bric, back in their relationship. It's a mess of miscommunications and spite and arguments and make-up sex between them all, and it's absolutely worth reading!


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We are a hot, sweaty mess of perfection as Quin leans into us. Our bodies tangled up the way they were always meant to be. Arms and legs wrapped around each other as we kiss her, and each other.

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I lived in the dark for three years. My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men. It was just a trip into the forbidden. A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness.

Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks. He was always there for me... Until he wasn’t.

Smith, and his dispassionate attention. He was never there for me and he never regretted it.

Bric, the one who listened, but only to himself. Self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and self-serving. He was never the one I wanted.

And now he might be the only one I have left.

It was good while it lasted, I guess. But it could’ve been so much more. It could’ve been so much better.

And that’s why I’m turning back.


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