Recommended By Kim

Recommended By Kim

Patricia Rasey has written a fantastic new Sons of Sangue novel that really knocked my socks off. The story of Vlad, one of the original primordials, has all the elements I love in a great paranormal romance! Vlad and Janelle have super combustible chemistry; from flirty (and sometimes downright aggressive) banter to straight up hot sex... these two keep me turning the pages. The book is part of a series but reads as a great stand alone as well. Take some time and get to know this steamy new twosome.


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“This won’t end well.” He tilted her chin with a slight tug of her hair. Vlad didn’t want her to mistake where this was going. “When Mircea is dead, I’ll go back home. This isn’t some romantic flick. There is no forever—not for me.” One side of her lips tilted up. “Did I ask? Check your ego, Vlad. I’m married to my job. I don’t need candlelight dinners. Although, wine might be good…”

“The time to stop me is now, iubi. Say the word and walk away. Otherwise, I will fuck you like no other and rid you of every memory of anyone who came before."

From The Publisher


One woman has the power to bring the king of vampires to his knees. Check out USA Today Bestselling Author, Patricia A. Rasey's latest, emotionally driven novel that has paranormal romance readers clamoring for more.

Vlad Tepes, king of the vampires, has a problem on his hands. His brother is taking out humans at an alarming rate and drawing unwanted attention, threatening exposure for their entire race. Vlad needs to stop Mircea before that happens, even if it means taking his head. In his mission to hunt Mircea down, Vlad encounters a stunning special agent who’s out to stop a killer—namely his brother. Vlad’s inability to hypnotize her presents an entirely new dilemma, putting the beautiful law officer in harm’s way.

Special Agent Janelle Ferrari chases bad guys for a living, with a little help from her strange gift of psychic visions. That is until a sinfully sexy man, claiming to be the ancient, blood-drinking Romanian ruler steps into her office. Plunged into a secret society of vampires and a mounting war between immortal brothers, Janelle’s visions suddenly go quiet, leaving her vulnerable and placing her in the crosshairs of the killer she’s determined to take down.

Vlad and Janelle must join forces to stop the psychotic vampire before more humans perish. But when Janelle becomes next on Mircea’s hit list, will Vlad be able to protect the woman who’s captured his long-dead heart?


Philly suburbanite, mom to an amazing teenager. (Of course he knows everything and isn’t sarcastic at all.) Lover of everything word related: books, music lyrics, poetry... I don’t discriminate! I discovered my love of reading as a 6th grader when I stumbled upon a fantasy series by Piers Anthony. It was then I realized I could be someone else, exploring new places and learning about new experiences. My reading preferences have changed throughout the years, and I’m more of a PNR junkie now with one-handed reading at the top of my list.
I believe with every fiber of my being that words hold the ultimate power. Words able to build someone up or leave them in shreds, so I try to always choose mine carefully.
Reading has brought me so much happiness, new friends, new adventures, love, and contentment. It’s the ultimate escape!

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