Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

Y’all I’m having a personal conundrum with this book. I refuse to believe that my favorite author who writes the most beautiful stories of love, humanity, perseverance, triumph over adversity, etc etc etc could write something so graphically dark and nerve wracking. But I digress, because the Mia I know writes human emotion like no other and I guess it was only a matter of time until the depravity of the human condition came out through her fingers and mind. Ultimately, this story still has all of the reasons I love Mia’s words, just in a deliciously darker package than is her norm. This book is a follow up book to Where The Blame Lies, which is also a romantic thriller and I suggest reading that one first so you don’t get confused with the backstory (my review of that one is linked below). All of that being said, I had legit nightmares reading this story and had to pick up something sugary sweet to cleanse my mind after, lol! But’s SOOOOO GOOD! I was turning pages well into the late night with a newborn on board because I could not put it down. It is NOT for the faint at heart and has multiple trigger warnings, so read at your own risk. But it.


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"Some people are warriors, soul warriors. There's something stronger, less... breakable about them than others. You can knock them over, but they'll just keep getting up. Again and again."

"Somewhere in there, Reed, in the midst of all those twisted pathways and shadowy corners is... where the truth lives. Find that, and you find them."

He taught him that all people moved between darkness and light into those gray areas between the two, the only difference between any of them being the degree in which they walked in shadow and how far they traveled into those murky depths. Sometimes an evil man acted as a hero, and sometimes a victim became a tormentor. Criminals exhibited unexpected grace, and honest men had moments of great weakness. There was a strange, terrible, beautiful, complicated universe inside all where nothing was simply black or white.

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The follow-up to Where the Blame Lies—Where the Truth Lives is a gripping, page-turning, romantic thriller that will leave you gasping for breath.

When the director of a local mental health hospital is found murdered and mutilated, Homicide Detective Reed Davies is first on scene. What was done to the body is gruesome. Inexplicable. But Reed is dealt another curveball when he finds that the doctor who discovered the victim is someone Reed is intimately familiar with—a woman with whom he shared one passionate night weeks before.

Dr. Elizabeth Nolan is somehow tangled up in the crime, and even while Reed must now question her possible involvement, he can’t help being drawn to the beautiful, enigmatic woman.

As more bodies appear and the devious killer terrorizes Cincinnati, a shocking connection begins to emerge, one that not only involves Dr. Nolan, but Reed himself. A connection more twisted and elaborate than he can imagine. Now Reed must hunt the monster down, a killer who will stop at nothing to see his diabolical plan to its final, deadly conclusion.


ISBN: 979-8631023819

I'm a mom of 2 rad AF adults, 1 fresh baby and a super cute fur babe. Hospital administration by day, yoga instructor by night, travel junkie, shoe addict, foodie and avid reader in all the spaces in-between. I got my love of books from my mama and honestly can’t remember a time in my life where reading wasn’t a daily priority. I’m a sappy hopeless romantic who’s a sucker for 2nd chances, mature characters, and serendipitous connections. In an ideal world, you can find me on the beach with an icy cold adult libation in one hand and my Kindle in the other.

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