Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

If you are in the mood for something different, you have GOT to check out The Wild Ones books. C.M. Owens has build a world unlike any other I've read that has me absolutely and utterly captivated and enamored! Wilder is the third installment of the Wild Ones Series, which all can be read as standalones, and Kai is the first male Wild One to get his own story. At first this book had all the laughs but had me questioning "where's the romance?". Low and behold, when the climax hits BOOM! OMG, I'm not sure if it was my time of the month or what, but it had me crying like a baby... all the feels y'all. All. The. Feels. Action, adventure, humor so good you'll be in stitches and much swoon! Book hangover extreme after this one, I'm jonesing for more of Tomahawk already. ❤


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It's hard to surround yourself with people who've been genuine, and return to a world where people pick apart the surface, never seeing anything underneath those top two layers.

It's amazing how much you find interesting when you're not actually actively seeking something to be wrong.

I hate missing people. I don't get attached easily at all. I don't even really like people all that much, if I'm honest. It wasn't supposed to be that fucking easy to fall for a girl I knew wasn't sticking around.

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Wild Ones Tip #349
If you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s because you haven’t been in Tomahawk long enough.

My sister and I decided to go to Tomahawk to learn more about our estranged grandmother and spend some time together doing something other than networking.

What we expected was some quiet town, a peaceful escape, and a little downtime.

What we got?
Two sexy mountain men...who actually wear a lot of flannel, bring fresh kills on first dates, and gripe about screaming a lot.
Hypothermia, a broke arm, a possible concussion, and more reckless fun than we've ever had.
And a stoner town that prides itself on its weed, crazy challenges, beards, and bizarre character.

Our trip started a little like a horror film...including bad cell signal, spotty internet and womb snatchers. Long story.

Fortunately, it changed pretty quickly.

I actually ended up not spending much time with my sister, but I did spend a lot of time with Kai Wilder. He's the single most unique, easy-going, and...oblivious man I've ever met.

Welcome to Tomahawk. Home of the Wild Ones.


Book 1: Becoming a Vincent

Book 2: Going Wild

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