Recommended By Malia

Recommended By Malia

This is the finale to the Badge and Bullets trilogy and you would think that things would be winding down for our heroes. After all the trials, tribulations and drama Bradley and Max are settling into a relationship. But the shadows from the first two stories are still reaching out to them threatening to destroy them both. Cournoyer does not let up on the suspense, intrigue and hot sex until the very end of this story.


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“Commitment. With you and me. Us. Do you want there to be an us?”

“Bradley,” he gasped when he pulled his mouth away, “I want you to take me.” “Take you where?” I asked. “To bed,” he said with a soft chuckle. “I want to feel you inside me. Tonight, my ass is yours for the taking.”

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Even though Max Donohue’s personal relationship with Bradley Danforth is finally on the right track, things with his work aren’t. Between dealing with a new captain and his chief dropping a bomb on his lap, Max’s old insecurities begin to creep in. But when a new development arises that complicates his case, Max finds himself trying to find the right balance of lover and protector.With Peter Richmond behind bars, Bradley feels like he can breathe easier for the first time in months. Things with Max have finally progressed, and with the help of his coworkers and therapist, Bradley’s life is almost back to normal. But when he starts feeling like someone is watching him, Bradley can’t help but wonder if he’s let his guard down too soon.After everything they’ve been through, can their relationship survive this latest hurdle, or will Max have to make a sacrifice for what he loves most? With a Lover’s Courage is the third installment of the Badge and Bullets series featuring the same two characters, so they must be read in order. It is a suspenseful murder mystery that depicts detailed crimes, drug abuse, strong language, brief mentions of animal cruelty, and adult situations.


ISBN: 979-8602600827

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