5 Awkward Questions with Joanna Wylde

We here at SBC are such big fans of Joanna’s motorcycle club books, we’ve named her an Elite Author and crowned her books Platinum. Her next book, Silver Bastard, will be the next to receive the prestigious title because Puck is the star of our recent dirty dreams.

5 Vanilla Questions with Tiffany Reisz

Because Tiffany is known for having no shame and being the Queen of Kink in the smut book world, I figured I’d do the opposite of what I normally do with 5 Awkward Questions and ask Tiffany 5 Vanilla Questions.

5 Awkward Questions With Tara Sivec

When I started the 5 Awkward Questions series, Tara Sivec was one of the first people I thought about cornering and forcing to participate. Thankfully, I didn’t have to force Tara to answer my awkward questions because nobody forces a slut to do anything.

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