5 Awkward Questions with Joanna Wylde

We here at SBC are such big fans of Joanna’s motorcycle club books, we’ve named her an Elite Author and crowned her books Platinum. Her next book, Silver Bastard, will be the next to receive the prestigious title because Puck is the star of our recent dirty dreams.

Work of Art Three-Way

Sometimes, you just gotta give in and go for a three-way. Neda from The SubClub Books asked us to participate in a ménage a blog for a book she’s fallen in love with: Work of Art ~ The Inspiration by Ruth Clampett.

BLOG TOUR: Infinity + One by Amy Harmon

One of my Required Reading books for this summer is Infinity + One by Amy Harmon. This would be the third book I’ll ready by Amy, and though they aren’t the hardcore sexytimes books I normally read, they are some of my favorites.

CRASH Dash Day 5!

Readers must complete 20 of the 22 tasks to be entered into the final grand prize drawing. The grand prize is a complete signed set of the Driven Trilogy and there will be a few runner ups as well.

NEW RELEASE: Ridge by Adriane Leigh

We meet Ridge in book one, Wild, as the younger brother of Lane. They’ve been estranged for years, and the guilt has been weighing on Ridge so much that he pushes the one woman who needs him as much as he needs her away.

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